Energy Storage Strategies

Energy storage is at the core of the most radical market transformation roiling energy and transportation industries.  Energy storage provides a solution for smoothing out variable renewable energy and variable demand, enabling higher penetrations of renewable energy, helping customers reduce their demand charges, while giving utilities the opportunity to defer T&D investments while lowering the cost of ancillary services.  Entire asset classes worth billions of dollars will be stranded while billions of dollars in capital investments will be made throughout energy and transportation value chains to capitalize on this unprecedented business and investment opportunity. 


Velerity is your partner to help you navigate the risks and capitalize on the opportunities in energy storage.  Energy Storage Strategies is a subscription research service with the following deliverables:

  • Long form reports, 12 per year

  • Webinar access on topical issues

  • Annual Energy Storage Conference Access

  • Unlimited Analyst Access

  • Short Form Reports, 50 per year

  • Online Report Access

  • Online Data Access


Energy Storage Strategies addresses key industry questions and topics:

  • Energy Storage 2017 Year in Review

  • Energy Company Energy Storage Strategies

  • Solar Company Energy Storage Strategies

  • Commercial Storage Strategies – Market

  • Residential Storage Strategies – Market

  • Vehicle to Grid

  • Wind Company Energy Storage Strategies

  • Grid Storage - Ancillary Services Market

  • Technology & Company Review – Flow Batteries

  • Regulation Review

  • Global Vehicle Demand for Batteries

  • Technology & Company Review – Energy Storage Software & Controls

  • Grid Scale Market Update

  • Grid Storage - Ancillary Services Market

  • Grid Storage – Wind Market

  • Grid Storage – Solar Market

  • Off-Grid Storage –

  • Grid Storage – Island Storage

  • Backup Power – Telecom Market

  • Backup Power – Data Center Market

  • Grid Storage - Regulation

  • Supply Chain

  • Technology & Company Review - Flywheel Energy Storage

  • Electrochemical Energy Storage Company Review

  • Power to Gas

  • Business Cases

  • Blockchain

  • Vehicle to Grid

  • Flow Batteries

  • Flywheel Batteries

  • Solid State Batteries


Velerity's Energy Storage Strategies provides clients quarterly webinars covering important research and analysis.  Webinar topics will highlight recent research, with examples including:

  • Market Review

  • Regulation

  • Technology innovation

  • Transactions

Annual Energy Storage Conference

Velerity, in conjunction with the Institute for Innovation and Sustainability, produces the annual Energy Storage and Microgrid conference.  The conference is a full day major conference with 30 speakers and presenters, more than 200 attendees, along with an exhibition space, covering all aspects of the energy storage and microgrid industry.  Energy Storage Strategy clients are provided complimentary passes to the conference.

Unlimited Analyst Access

Clients of the Energy Storage Strategies service are provided unlimited access to analysts for telephone consultation.   

Short Form Reports

Velerity provides clients weekly short form reports covering topical announcements and transactions impacting industry participants.  These reports will be provided through push technology delivered to your inbox.  These reports will cover regulatory changes, project announcements, new technologies, partnerships, investments, and project financing.  

Online Report Access

Clients will be provided password access to Velerity's online portal, to access published reports.  This includes current as well as all previously published reports.  

Online Database Access

Clients will be provided password access to Velerity's online portal, to access available databases.  Current databases include the Regulatory Database and the Supplier Database.