About Velerity

Velerity provides best-in-class market research and business intelligence, translating data and intelligence into market leading strategies and tactics.  Fundamental to Velerity's work is conducting in-depth primary market research, bringing the voice of the customer to every assignment and organization.  We integrate this second-to-none market intelligence into compelling actionable business strategies and tactics to help our clients achieve their goals and ambitions.  

Velerity has a depth of experience in energy, utilities, telecommunications and industrial gas.  A significant portion of the work has focused on working with utility companies developing new businesses and products and services, as well as with high technology clean energy companies.  Velerity has direct experience in energy storage, photovoltaics, energy management, smart meters, energy efficiency, demand-side management, energy services, hydrogen and backup power, district energy, information technology and telecommunications.

Brad Bradshaw

Founder & President

Velerity was founded by Brad Bradshaw.  Mr. Bradshaw is an accomplished executive skilled in leading and building high growth technology companies in energy and telecommunications. Depth of experience and market knowledge working for and providing strategic counsel to companies in photovoltaics, energy storage, energy management, smart meters, energy efficiency, demand side management, energy services, hydrogen and backup power, district energy, and telecommunications. Effective leadership, communication and analytical skills with ability to build teams, motivate individuals, and achieve results. Held C-level positions in manufacturing and service companies as well as senior positions in several renowned research and consulting firms.

Mr. Bradshaw was the Chief Executive Officer of Hy9 Corporation, a high technology clean energy company focused on the global back-up power market for telecommunications, where he led the turn-around of the company, repositioning to focus on the $3 billion global backup power market., and led the establishment and development of the company's new and globally unique flagship product that converts methanol into pure hydrogen to provide power to cellular telecommunications infrastructure in developing countries. 

Additionally, Mr. Bradshaw was a consultant with Arthur D. Little in the Utility practice, Marketing and Customer Management practice and the Advanced Energy practice, advising utility companies on growth strategies around the world.  Mr. Bradshaw also headed up the Utility Communications and Retail Energy Planning Services at the Yankee Group, a global research and consulting company.  Additionally, Mr. Bradshaw was the Vice President of Marketing and Business Development for NEON Communications, a regional telecommunications company that was acquired by RCN in 2007 for $260 million.  Mr. Bradshaw was also a senior consultant at DMC Services, an energy services company that was acquired by Honeywell for approximately $80 million.  Mr. Bradshaw held earlier positions consulting to the US Department of Energy on their energy efficiency investment and implementation programs, and worked in various positions in photovoltaics and robotics.  

Mr. Bradshaw has an engineering degree from Dartmouth College, and an MBA in Finance from Babson College, graduating with High Distinction.  He has also completed coursework in economics, accounting and solar system design at Harvard College and Northeastern University.  Mr Bradshaw has worked with utility companies around the country and the world to develop and implement growth strategies in telecommunications and energy products and services.  Capabilities and experience includes:

• Strategy Development
• Sales and Market Leadership
• Financial Planning and Execution
• Raising Capital
• Public Relations and Media Affairs    
• Board Governance
• Team Building and Performance Enhancement
• Market Research and Product Development
• Led Technology Teams in Mechanical, Chemical, Electronic and Thermal Systems
• Conference Management
• Non-Profit Leadership
• Turn-Around Expertise
• Practiced Business Strategy Consultant
• Growth Strategy Development