Energy Storage Company - Business & Product Strategy

Worked with the CEO and senior management team to redirect company’s strategy, based on a thorough assessment of market opportunities that would leverage the company’s particular technology.  The company’s initial focus on backup power systems for telecom remote terminal units met significant market resistance.  Based on my recommendation, the company repurposed their products to target the multi-billion electric grid auxiliary services market.

Geospatial Software Company - Company Turnaround

Turned around financial performance of a geospatial software design and integration company providing software and related services to gas and electric utility companies.  Company was experiencing poor financial results due constrained revenues, a high overhead cost structure, underpriced services and uneven project management.  Implemented a series of initiatives tightening up management practices and financial focus, leading to a return to profitability and the expansion of the company, leading ultimately to the company being acquired.

$1.5 Billion Electric Utility - Designed Product Development Process

Developed and implemented the product and service development process for a large electric utility company.  The utility did not have an established product development process to identify, characterize or select products and services for implementation.  Worked with the marketing and customer service team to develop their product development process, resulting in a prioritized set of new services to introduce.  

Bio-Mass-to-Energy Project - Developed Business Plan & Financials

Developed the business plan and financials for a proposed bio-mass energy project, converting food waste into methane for electricity generation.  A waste processing company did not have the expertise to prepare business plan and financials and establishing accurate pricing for multiple value streams in the business.  Prepared detailed financials incorporating primary market research to establish accurate tipping fees, methane pricing for electricity generation and fees for residual soil additive. 

Built $200 Million Energy & Telecoms Business - Leveraged Growth Strategy

Led the development and implementation of a $200 million revenue comprehensive competitive business strategy for a billion dollar electricity and natural gas company, encompassing retail energy, energy services and communications.  Resulted in $200 million in revenues within two years of launch.  

Turned Around Largest District Heating/Cooling System in the US - Turn-Around Strategy

Developed the business strategy for the largest district energy heating and cooling system in the United States.  Evaluated strategic options to expand financial performance including fuel sourcing strategies, generation system modifications, renegotiation of electricity sales contracts, and system expansion.

Built Telecommunications Company - Developed Strategy & Implementation Plan

Developed the telecommunications strategy for a major energy company.  Evaluated business prospects and entry strategies for several opportunities including market size and growth, competitor assessment, technology assessment, and associated capital requirements.  Resulted in telecoms company spin off and acquisition.

Smart Grid Strategy for Global 500 Industrial Company - Identified Product Development Priorities

Developed the product development priorities for a major diversified global manufacturer targeting information technology-enhanced integrated monitoring and control systems for electric transmission and distribution automation. Developed product development priorities.  

Built South American Telecommunications Company - Developed Business Strategy & Implementation Plan

For a major South American energy company,  developed the strategy and business plan for a telecommunications company.  Resulted in a high growth retail telecommunications company with operations in Columbia and Panama.

Backup Power Company - Turn Around Strategy 

Developed the company’s growth strategy, repositioning products and market focus to target the $3 billion market for wireless telecom power systems;

Backup Power Company - Capital Raise

Increased capital commitment and funding for backup power company by $4 million

National Telecommunications Company - Capital Raise

For a national telecommunications company, prepared the strategy, business plan and financials to raise $160 million.  

Major Utility Company - Business Process Redesign

Analyzed the business processes of two multi-billion dollar electric and gas distribution companies.  Worked with representatives of every department in these utilities, identified stakeholders (value targets), established stakeholder value objectives, identified process initiating events, mapped out processes representing 90% of all activities within the utilities, applied activity based costing for each process step and built an economic model representing 90% of all revenues and expenses within the utilities.  Applied alternative process designs and over-laid potential technology improvements to identify the top priorities for improving the utility companies' business processes, to reduce costs, improve customer experience and enhance stakeholder value.  

Rhode Island Economic Development Office - Utility Rate Analysis

For the State of Rhode Island, analyzed utility rate structures and compared rate class rates and allocations to understand cross state inequities with commercial rates.  Assisted the state is developing a more competitive commercial rate structure to enhance the state's commercial and industrial business development environment.

Major Utility Company - Market Survey

For a major investor owned electric utility, analyzed the type and efficacy of utility commercial and industrial programs across the country.  Provided recommendations covering strategy, organizational development and core competencies as part of the development of an energy services subsidiary targeting commercial and industrial customers.

Major Utility Company - Market Baseline Study

Conducted a market baseline study to assist a leading electric utility in marketing, program development, load forecasting and demand-side management program development.  Designed field and telephone-based survey instruments to determine technical and market potential, and to identify customer attitudes towards energy, the utility and energy efficiency.  

Major Utility Company - Program Impact Evaluation

Managed the development of program impact evaluation protocols for a leading east coast electric utility.  Conducted an evaluation of state-of-the-art impact assessment protocols, identifying costs, accuracy, strengths and weaknesses of thirty-three methodologies.  Made recommendations and devised detailed implementation guidelines for two suggested approaches.  Protocols were subsequently adopted and put into practice.  tools