JLM Energy Introduces Solar Panel Mounted Phazr MicroStorage

#EnergyStorage : JLM Energy introduces Phazr MicroStorage solar panel integrated microstorage product. Capacity from 495 to 990 watt-hours. Installed with Enphase microinverters. Installed cost higher than single battery solution. http://bit.ly/2u0KNDN 

Velerity Insight:  The emergence of panel-mounted microstorage follows the design principle of integration and simplification, shifting on-site labor to the factory floor.  The principal is to simplify installation requirements and reduce in-the-field labor costs. Part of the basis can also harken to driving cost benefits from higher volume manufacturing of smaller systems.   It can also simplify the customer purchasing decision, as there is no requirement for installing inverters or battery energy storage systems within the residence or commercial facility.  

As currently configured, a microstorage system can be beneficial in smaller scale installations, where the home owner can beneficially shift three to five kWh from low value/high solar production times to later in the day peak times. 

The downside is that the cost of microstorage on an installed basis can be close to twice the cost of a comparable central battery energy storage system., roughly $1,700/kWh as compared to $850/kWh.  These numbers are for a Powerwall installation, modelled at the lowest installation cost basis. 

For smaller systems, the installed costs are comparable, thus providing an opening for the microstorage solution.

Phazr MicroStorage

Phazr MicroStorage