Solar/Storage Microgrids for Energy Cost Reduction

#EnergyStorage #FlowBattery #Vanadium @CellCubeEnergy installs 1st of 2 long duration flow battery systems for a solar storage microgrid in Victor, NY. Will be used to reduce peak demand charges, self-consumption of solar energy, & resilience w/microgrid.

O'Connell Electric is installing two CellCube systems at their facility in Victor, New York,, as part of testing and evaluating system integration and performance.  O'Connell plans on integrating two CellCube systems as part of a solar/storage microgrid system.  The system will generate benefits for O'Connell by (1) reducing their peak demand charges; (2) enabling self-consumption from the energy generated by their solar system; and (3) Providing energy during outage events.  

O'Connell is also planning on representing the CellCube line of products in the Northeastern United States, and has an interest in fully understanding the performance and capabilities of the system before offering it to their customers.  

Velerity Insight - The system O'Connell is implementing is ground breaking in its configuration, technology choice and application.  Most innovative is O'Connell's leveraging multiple value streams to extract the most value from their investment. With an eight hour flow battery, O'Connell will be able to reliably reduce their peak energy use and reduce their demand charges.  For commercial customers, demand charges can represent up to 30% of their monthly electric bills, even more when solar is installed. 

The second opportunity to derive value from the flow battery is to keep solar generated electricity from going on to the grid.  Depending on the net metering contract under which O'Connell is operating, the value of solar electrons that escape onto the grid are typically compensated at less than retail value.  Accordingly, keeping those electrons close to home, for self-generation, is more valuable than exporting them to the grid.

The third value being provided by the flow battery is to provide backup power during outages.  A fourth value, which has not been identified, is for O'Connell to go on a time of use rate, and then to time shift the use of stored energy from low value time periods to high value time periods.  The use of long duration storage to provide multiple value streams for end-use customers is the true innovation of this configuration.  

O'Connell Electric's Headquarters in Victor, New York with a solar/storage microgrid.

O'Connell Electric's Headquarters in Victor, New York with a solar/storage microgrid.