Amhil installs 2.34 MW/4.7 MWh BESS for Demand Response & Demand Charge Reduction

#EnergyStorage #DemandResponse Amhil North America, Mississauga, Ontario, is deploying a 2.34 MW/4.7 MWh energy storage system to expand demand response participation w/EnerNOC & reduce demand charges. Financed by EnerNOC parent Enel X 

Amhil is a food packaging manufacturer with a manufacturing operation in Mississauga, Ontario.  They have been participating in demand response with EnerNOC since 2010.  They have also been a customer of Enel X, a subsidiary of Enel, which provides energy services.  In 2017, Enel acquired EnerNOC.

Velerity Insight - The accretive value of the Enel acquisition of EnerNOC is apparent in this deal.  Amhil was both a customer of EnerNOC and Enel X.  In this particular case, the battery energy storage system, with an installed cost of approximately $1.8 million is being engineered, installed, financed and operated by Enel X, and is generating two separate value streams.  One value stream is expanded participation in the demand response program operated by EnerNOC.  The second value stream is Amhil's reduction of their demand charges by limiting their peak power consumption on a monthly basis.  Enel X has entered into a shared savings contract with Amhil.  

It is estimated that these two value streams will reduced Amhil's electricity costs by 20%.